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(1) Danji Ushera
(OOC) The New Akatsuki _AKATSUKI_DRAGON__by_Lukashi26_zps360ffbb0
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Current Status: Alive
Danji Ushera is the newest member of the Akatsuki Organization. Danji is from the Hidden Leaf village and was well known among the Jounin.  He graduated from the academy at the young age of 9, became a Chunin at age 13, and became a Jounin at age 15.  Ushera's quick progressions made him arrogant and he challenged Konohamaru to be Hokage.  Once Konohamaru became Hokage, Danji quickly organized a small rebel group and tried to assassinate the new Hokage.  The attempt failed and Danji just narrowly escaped the Land of Fire.  Yin found him shortly after and recruited him into the Akatsuki Organization, offering him an opportunity to get his revenge on Konohamaru and the Hidden Leaf.  Danji is now partners with Rokku.

(2) Rokku
(OOC) The New Akatsuki Goro_zps91bf2b6d
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Current Status: Deceased (Killed by Mugen in chapter 5)
Rokku is from the Hidden Rock Village in the Land of Earth.  Rokku, in fact, is not a human.  Not long after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Waki Fansho of The Hidden Rock Village took an interest in the Akatsuki member Zetsu.  Zetsu was a creature created using the cells of the 1st Hokage, so Waki began conducting tests to try and create is own life form.  Using some dead Zetsu clones as a starting point, Waki was soon able to create a life form from his own Earth nature cells.  Ultimately, the life form was an organic golem. Waki soon started to create an army of what he called, Rokkus, in order to take over the Rock village. Once the Tsuchikage found out about this, the Anbu were sent to arrest Waki and destroy the Rokkus.  However, the Rokkus were quite powerful and eventually a small civil war broke out.  But Waki and his original Rokku were forced to flee the country after about 3 weeks of battle.  Yin and Yang quickly found out about this and recruited Waki and Rokku into the Akatsuki organization.  While Rokku wasn't around, however, Yang killed Waki and told Rokku that the Hidden Rock Village was responsible.  So now Rokku seeks revenge on the Hidden Rock and serves as a member of the Akatsuki in order to get it.  Rokku is partners with Danji Ushera.

(3) Tidoma
(OOC) The New Akatsuki Florixnero-takeshi-asuhara-naruto-oc-1779806
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Current Status: Alive
Tidoma is a Missing-nin from the Hidden Mist Village. Tidoma was a national (Land of Water) prodigy, known for his amazing skill and jutsu which allowed him to steal and gain intel without detection.  Eventually, however, his powers went to his head.  He began selling his services to the highest bidder, and even leaked classified information to other villages.  Once the Mizukage discovered this, the anbu hunted him down and attacked his home.  Tidoma managed to escape the village and was eventually found by Yin and Yang and recruited into the Akatsuki.  Tidoma now serves as the organization's treasurer and spy.  Although they remain unaware, Tidoma also spies on each of the individual Akatsuki members at all times. Tidoma is partners with Kagorashi.

(4) Kagoshima Vetonday
(OOC) The New Akatsuki Loki_colored_by_osy057-d4k4yf2
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Current Status: Alive
Kagoshima is a member of the Vetonday clan, a clan which was believed to be extinct.  The Vetonday clan was a major enemy of the Kakusu-Ken clan long before the creation of the shinobi villages.  The two clans remained enemies throughout history, and almost exterminated the Kakusu-Ken clan.  However, the Land of Lightning used the Matatabi and Gyuki to destroy the Vetonday clan.  After the battle, it was believed that some Vetonday survived and scattered across the earth.  It was then decided that the Kakusu-Ken clan would be scattered as well, in order to ensure the safety of its remaining members.  True to popular belief, the Vetonday clan did have some surviving members.  Kagoshima is a survivor with a strong desire to do two things.  Destroy the Land of Lightning and exterminate the remaining members of the Kakusu-Ken clan.  Upon discovering that the children of the previous clan leader were living in the Hidden Leaf, Kagoshima was bent on exterminating them.  He was soon offered a position in the akatsuki organization and accepted on the condition that the Kakusu-Ken clan be destroyed. Kagoshima is partners with Tidoma.

(5) Nagasaki Vetonday
(OOC) The New Akatsuki Britney_akatsuki_full_body_by_rikioto-d4hzt50
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Current Status: Alive
Nagasaki is a member of the Vetonday clan, a clan which was believed to be extinct.  Like her husband, Kagoshima, Nagasaki is a survivor of an event known as the Great Purge.  Also like her husband, Nagasaki joined the Akatsuki in an effort to seek revenge on the Land of Lightning and the Kakusu-Ken clan.  As a member of the Vetonday clan, Nagasaki specializes in Lava Style ninjutsu, a kekkei genkai.  As a member of the Akatsuki, Nagasaki currently serves as the body guard of the Lightning Daimyo, whom she will be allowed to kill once the time comes.  Unlike most other members of the Akatsuki, Nagasaki does not have a partner.

(6) Mizuri
(OOC) The New Akatsuki Hidden_snow_akatsuki_fan_art_by_Batanga
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Current Status: Alive
Mizuri is a shinobi from the Land of Snow.  Mizuri is the only member of the Akatsuki who continues to operate solely in the country of his birth.  Mizuri serves as a guardian of Ameru Castle; killing anyone who finds it in order to keep it's location a secret.  Unlike most other members of the Akatsuki, Mizuri does not have a partner.

(7) Hisogae
(OOC) The New Akatsuki Kuroi_yajirushi_by_sanija23-d5z7w00
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Current Status: Alive
Hisogae is shinobi from the Hidden Rain village.  His purposes in joining the akatsuki, as well as his history, is mostly a mystery.  Only the two leaders, Yin and Yang, know his true purpose.  Hisogae rarely speaks, but has mastered various forms of ninjutsu.  Hisogae operates strictly in the two most western countries: The Land of Earth and the Land of Wind. Hisogae is partners with Unemi.

( 8 ) Unemi
(OOC) The New Akatsuki Bashirisuku_by_sanija23-d60vvlx
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Current Status: Alive
Unemi is a shinobi from the Hidden Rock village.  Unemi was one of the strongest kunoichi in the Hidden Rock, until she suddenly went rogue while on a mission; killing her teammates and fleeing the village.  It was believed by many that Unemi was possessed by some evil spirit, as she was seen using new abilities after the mission.  Unemi claims that she serves a powerful deity who grants her special powers. It is not clear to anyone exactly what happened, but she was soon recruited into the akatsuki and is now partners with Hisogae.
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