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Post  The Administrator on Sat Aug 22, 2015 12:19 pm

I know we have a variety of writing styles, levels, and role playing experience here on the forum, so this is just to basically get everyone on the same page.

First, in case you guys aren't familiar with these abbreviations:

RP = Role Play (RPer means Role Player, RPing means Role Playing, etc.)

IC = In Character. Places designated (IC) should only have story posts. Any questions, concerns, complaints or criticisms between members should be directed to...

OOC= Out of Character. Places designated (OOC) are for discussion between members. These keeps the story area from being cluttered.

God Modding = Essentially cheating. Making your character dodge everything or know about everything, breaking the 4th wall, etc. If someone God Modds and I don't address it then bring it up in the OOC. RPing with God Modders is annoying and can kill a good story.

I'm not expecting any ignorant, hateful, or inappropriate posts from you guys so there is no need to address that.

When it comes to RPing, we have to be fair. You only have control over your characters and how they respond to things. You can make your character attack another character, but if that character is being controlled by another RPer then they determine the result. I say this cause I'm not sure how familiar you guys are with role playing since and I want us to have the same understanding.
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