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1) Rokuro
(OOC) The Land of Earth Characters RockShinobi_zpsbf08c95f
Gender: Male
Current Status: Alive
Bold, iron-willed, hard-headed to a fault; these are what describe a man such as Rokuro. A descendant of the previous Tsuchikage, he excels in Doton and was taught the near impossible Jinton, and was almost unnaturally strong. Because of his bloodline and skills, he was a candidate for being the next Jinchuriki, which he willingly accepted... only to realize that he was to be used as a weapon. He left the village with the Five-tailed Beast inside him, but eventually came back still refusing to be considered a controlled weapon. Being polar opposites, Rokuro and Kokuō didn't get along well, but soon learned to tolerate each other.

2) Yoko
(OOC) The Land of Earth Characters New_tsuchikage_hanma_jishin_by_sanija23-d63eihv
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Current Status: Alive
Yoko is the seventh and current Tsuchikage of the Hidden Rock village, and the youngest person in history to ever hold the office.  Yoko is the daugther of the previous Tsuchikage, and has inherited his monster strength.  Considering her age, Yoko is believed to be the strongest kunoichi in the Land of Earth's history, as her skill and strength is similar to that of the Sannin, Tsunade.  Yoko is very aggressive; striking fear into most potential mates.
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