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1) Araku Isona
(OOC) The Land of Water Characters ArakuIsona_zps23590f9c
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Current Status: Alive
Araku Isona is a Chunin level shinobi from Kirigakure and the Jinchuriki of the 6 tails.  Araku is a kind and humble individual, despite having a rough life as one of the two Jinchuriki in the Hidden Mist Village.  Like with the last Jinchuriki of the 6 tails, Araku is able to use many bubble related jutsu.  Also, his extensive chakra reserves allow him to create massive amounts of water with his water style jutsu.

2) Hibane Higurashi
(OOC) The Land of Water Characters WaterShinobi_zps3230ad02
Gender: Female
Age: !5
Current Status: Alive
Hibane Higurashi became a ninja a few years after she was taken off the streets from life as a mischievous urchin and adopted by a modest middle-class family in the Hidden Mist Village. Brash, spunky, and tomboyish, she's almost always mistaken for a boy (which usually either upsets her, or she uses it to an advantage). Little to nothing is known about her past, except that she inherited the rare kekki genkai that allows her to create and manipulate water and ice. Hibane may have been tortured for it, based off the burn mark on her face, but many believe it was from the Akatsuki, when they found out she accidentally discovered the Three-Tailed Beast, thought to have disappeared after the Third Great Ninja War. They tortured and forced Hibane to be the new host, brainwashing her so they can use her as a surprise attack on her own village (As they originally tried with Rin Nohara) Instead, she broke from their control, and fought back. She is now under the protection and watchful eye of the Mizukage.
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